Friday, January 18, 2008

Some quick hits

- I just got a new job, which is great, since I'll be doing more of that legal-type stuff that I'm going to school for, but it's also a tad more intense, meaning I'll have less time for things like sleep and sports and life in goal at this point is to graduate without a sleep disorder or slipping into obesity.

- If you're a beer fan, you have to try Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. Just a great beer.

- UConn dropped their most recent game, this one to Providence, and it was followed up by one of my favorite Calhoun quotes ever: “Did Jerome Dyson play tonight? I'm not sure.” That is, of course, directed at leading scorer Jerome Dyson, who took less than 10 shots on the night.

- Memo to Chris Shays: I have supported you in the past, but if you continue to go after Major League Baseball like you have for the last few months, while still showing no understanding of the game (mispronouncing names, etc.) I will have to call every person in your district and tell them not to vote for you. I mean, seriously...

- Memo to the Yankees: take a chance, sign either Dallas McPherson or Morgan Ensberg, and try one of them as a first base option. It's not a perfect situation, but then again, no one told you to drop Carlos Pena for no good reason a couple of seasons ago...

- Andy Phillips signed with the Reds, which is fantastic news. Why is that fantastic news? Because it means he won't be with the Yankees!

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