Friday, June 27, 2008

Some thoughts on the NBA Draft

So, I'm generally a casual NBA fan; while living in Boston I started following the Celts, and went to a bunch of games, so that's about as close as I come to following any one team. That said, here are some thoughts on last night's draft:

1) Stuart Scott should never be allowed in an unscripted situation again. During past drafts, his interviews with the new draftees have been awkward, at best, but last night was just painful. He looked like he was really stumbling over his thoughts, and he misspoke a number of times. Maybe it was all the more glaring because I remember Dan Patrick, and how well he did as a host, but ESPN should find a replacement for next year. The rest of the panel was ok, and was pretty much carried by Mark Jackson, who did a solid job (as always).

2) If I were a Nets fan, I would be hoping and praying every night that the team lands LeBron when he hits free agency. Otherwise, this whole gutting of team was in vain. They had a pretty good draft (Anderson will be a good scorer, and, against my better judgment, I don't think Brook Lopez will be terrible), but it's tough to defend the Jefferson trade.

3) It's nice to see that Portland has turned things around, going from the Jailhouse All-Stars to the up and coming team in the West. Adding Bayless to Oden and Roy is pretty incredible. They're like the Devil Rays of the NBA; they know how to use high draft picks and are developing quite the young core.

4)Miami did a great job as well; Beasley gives them a good #2 scoring option behind Wade, and Chalmers fits a need as an extra point guard. When Marion leaves as a free agent next year, they can throw money at Carlos Boozer. As long as Beasley doesn't do something stupid in South Beach, things should be fine.

5) Last thought; why is Dick Vitale on the draft coverage? The draft has turned into, for the most part, underclassmen. Vitale constantly rails against anyone leaving before their senior year. Doesn't sound like much of a match, and it turns into at least one venting session where he criticizes the whole process.

Anyway, that's it. I can't wait until next year and the discussion of A.J. Price's character issues.

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