Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Q1 Mixtape: In Which Damn Bitch My Feet Hurt

Weird couple of months for music ... major releases ranged from surprising (Bright Eyes) to abysmal (STROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKES, ugh), with some weird outsiders pushing forward (looking directly at your weird ass, Nicolas Jaar). All in all, it makes for probably the most disjointed mixtape since this project started - still, it's also likely the highest-quality. Go and buy some albums, kids, amazing things are happening.

And, if you haven't yet, recognize that Odd Future is taking over the fucking planet:
Free Earl, indeed.

-"Yonkers," Tyler the Creator
-"Damn Bitch My Feet Hurt," Mz. Luscious
-"Bury Us Alive," Starfucker
-"Civilian," Wye Oak
-"All Die Young," Smith Westerns
-"Mirror," Burial/Four Tet/Thom Yorke
-"I Heart California," Admiral Radley
-"Blackberry Hype," Maxwell D
-"Invented You Now," the Hood Internet
-"Measurements," James Blake
-"Ungirthed," Purity Ring
-"Raid," Pusha T w/ 50 Cent
-"Will Do (XXXChange Mix)," TV on the Radio
-"Raw Spectacle," Miracle Fortress
-"Damn These Vampires," the Mountain Goats
-"Seafarer," Tennis
-"Suicide Demo for Kara Walker," Destroyer
-"Space is Only Noise if You Can See," Nicolas Jaar
-"Shell Games", Bright Eyes

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