Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sherman Marched to the Sea, We Marched into a Dirty Garage


So it begins ... 3 of the 4 TVs are set up without trouble (the fourth exists, but we have no way to go VGA -> coax as of yet ... this is the definition of first-world problem). Fuck it, I'm sure will suffice.

I have Clemson early, and now kind of like Butler since ODU at -2.5 seems about 2pts too many. More on this another time, after beers.

There's meat in the smoker and homoerotic jokes about the meat in the hopper ... also, apparently Sam's Club orange juice does not need to be refrigerated. This was a surprise to me.

The crew so far:

-Troy: Poops too much, text-message ring tone is the Super Mario power-up noise, we had to turn on a fan onto him already. Expert meat-smoker, also insert own joke here.

-Tony: Loves cheese, walks on the beach, amateur pornography and the photography of Ansel Adams. Plays the banker in Monopoly, yet resists the urge to cheat. Just an all-around OK guy.

-Jared: Already bet his first buy-in for the Points Pool, thus being the first person to rebuy before noon on day 1. Stopped and played Golden Tee at 8am at the inimitable Johnny's Hall of Fame.

-Noonan: Canceled an entire day of SUPER-IMPORTANT insurance meetings in Minneapolis to drive down and get drunk. Hopefully has a job on Monday, but either way will have a story.

-Brent: it's his house. He's boycotting the Laptop Craze - there are literally four laptops and an iPad among us. Brent is using an abacus to select his picks, which is weird because he hates the Chinese.

-Justin: Loves betting the under, which is the worst watching experience in the history of basketball, to the extent that it's now referred to as "taking the pussy" (versus "taking the balls"). Somehow, "taking the balls" is better. No comment.

-RC: Let me tell you 'bout the Hurricane. The man the authorities came to blame, for something he never even done.

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