Thursday, July 19, 2007


Lost in the hullabaloo over the pirating of the final installment of the Harry Potter saga is the fans reaction. Most of the negative comments I have been reading are from the publisher about how much money this is costing them. Due to their medium (paper) and length, books don't translate as easily to the digital world as music does. But if a book should come around that everyone positively must have, don't be surprised if some loser takes the time and risk to steal a book and photograph every single page. Just like sex addicts, the extreme fans of the book won't care where they can get it, just that they get it. I will still read the book in print form but I will most likely read the chapter summaries on wikipedia beforehand.
As a bonus, the fan fiction for Harry Potter will begin shortly after this last book drops. Depending on who dies, (my pick is Ron and Hagrid, the least photogenic of the main characters), this could lead to a whole new world of fun. The trekkies have been creating episodes of their beloved Star Trek for years and what better way for a budding young writer to get started than to write a short story about Hermione being raped by the mystic pygimies of Malfortunin and Ron having to avenge this injustice with his raging rod of red fury. Some titles to throw around are Neville Longbottom and the Water Closet of Fortune, Luna Lovegood and the Flail of Fertitility, and of course Ron Weasley and the Curse of the Hairy Palm.

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