Thursday, July 26, 2007

Worst Week in Sports Ever?

It really seems like this past week was a pretty shitty one for professional sports. Let's recap:

1.) Michael "Ookie" Vick gets indicted on dog fighting charges. Seriously, the details in the case are horrific. Electrocution? Beating deaths? Drownings? I mean, I was never a Michael Vick fan, but this guy really seems like a monster. How can he ever play a game for the Faclons or for any NFL team again? The only hilarious thing about this whole mess is that the Faclons totally fucked themselves by trading away the Schwab. I bet Petrino is really excited to have taken this job. Jesus, almost like choosing to be a postman in the Ninth Ward in July 2005. Too soon?

2.) The NBA gambling scandal. Tim Donaghy can eat a bag of dicks. I haven't been a fan of the NBA in a long time, but I still follow the Suns from time to time. To think that it is possible that Donaghy had a bias in the Spurs/Suns series (and really if you watched, how could you not think that?) really just kills any interest I had left in the NBA. I really feel like a good number of casual fans will probably never take the NBA seriously again. Really, Stern better be scared. This very possibly could be the beginning of the end.

3.) Barry Bonds still on the verge of breaking the home run record. Yeah, he still sucks. Can't he hurry and break it so that ESPN can stop having a season long orgasm over this? Thanks.

4.) Tour De France. Not that this really counts as a sport, but apparently everyone keeps getting caught doping and they are blowing up pieces of the course with small bombs. Nice going France. You can't even handle a non sport properly. Kill selves.

5.) NASCAR. This should be on every list of why sports are going down the drain. IT IS CARS GOING IN A FUCKING CIRCLE. Doesn't anyone notice this? Why in this country are there millions of jacktards willing to sit and watch cars GO IN A CIRCLE? Are we that stupid? Wait, don't answer that.

So, yeah. Hopefully something good happens next week. Probably not.

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