Monday, August 13, 2007

Should I start watching Soccer?

The question popped into my head today. At first I was horrified and thought that perhaps I have some terrible brain disease that will slowly turn me into Hugh Grant only more gay. Then I thought some more, and realized that everyone outside this country is madly insane about this "sport". Is there something to it? I watched the World Cup, and it was sorta exciting. I mean I fell alseep during most of the matches, but I do the same thing on Sunday's during football season (unless the Bills are on, then I curse and throw things).

Since the EPL just kicked off their season, maybe I should check it out. I need to choose a team though. I know that Bill Simmons did his whole, "vote on which team he should root for" and we all know he probably hasn't watched a match since. Plus, no one reads this I doubt anyone has an opinion. I need someone to point me in the right direction.

I started by reading David Hirsey's closer on Deadspin today, and I was happy I could sorta understand what he was talking about. I need to find some season previews and perhaps start watching the EPL channel on Time Warner.

My only rules for myself are that I can't root for Arsenal, Man U, or Chelsea. We all know that is like rooting for the Yankees or Lakers while you have no connection to either team besides the fact that they win and rape white women (or men in A-Rod's case). My boss does that, and I doubt his manhood.

So that leaves:

This might be difficult.

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