Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random thoughts

So it's been a crazy past couple of months; between my job, 4 classes at law school, and working on one of the journals at the school. As a result, my blogging duties have slacked completely. Since it's been a while, here are some random thoughts:

- So Joe Torre ended his tenure as Yankees manager by rejecting a (cough "lowball") offer for 1 year, $5 million. He ends a 12 year period where the team made the playoffs every year, one 4 World Series titles, went to 2 more Series on top of that, and was the face of the team. He ends all this to go to the Dodgers; people with a sense of baseball and Yankees history will find it funny that he left for the team that was, for much of the 50's through the 80's, the team's National League rival. From a nostalgia standpoint, it's sad to see Torre go, but I'm more concerned about the choice of Girardi as manager. For a team putting so much stock in its young pitchers, you'd think they'd at least look at the way the Marlins pitchers broke down last season after a year under Girardi. Also, when someone leaves a job, and NO ONE has anything good to say on the way out, shouldn't that tell you something?

- If I were the Yankees, I would have offered A-Rod the $300 million. I don't think it's even a tough decision to re-sign the best player in baseball, especially when you're about to move into a new stadium.

- UConn football lost last weekend, starting the worst weekend of football in recent memory (ended by the Giants loss at the hands of the Cowboys). Still though it's incredible to me that the Huskies have stuck around in the Top 25 for this long, and that they are in line for their second bowl game in a handful of years. I remember vaguely Cliff Robinson playing for UConn basketball in the mid-late 80's, and I was 9 when UConn made its first trip to the Elite 8, losing a close game to Duke. It was very cool to be a fan of the men's basketball program as it rose to prominence, and it would be just as cool to be a fan of the football program as it tries to do the same thing. Obviously, the Big East will never be the SEC, the ACC, or any of the big football conferences, but it's still fun to have major college football in Connecticut.

- Read Basketball Prospectus; it's brought to you by the same guys as Baseball Prospectus. If you read and like John Hollinger's stuff on, it will be right up your alley.

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