Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What an odd night

So the Yankees have finally succumb to the obviously superior Indians. Although I will say that having Borowski as your closer has to make you want to vomit every five minutes. Jesus, that was scary at the end last night and I am not even an Indians fan.

I did enjoy what was possibly A-Rod's last at bat as a Yankee and he did what everyone accuses him of: hitting an ultimately useless home run. Good for you Alex, good for you.

Thankfully, we don't have to be bombarded with FOX shitting themselves over a Red Sox/Yankees ALCS. Personally, I don't think I could take that again. 2004 was just about enough for me.

Meanwhile, in football world the Buffalo Bills had their first MNF showing in 13 years and boy was it something. Our defense actually showed up and basically personally assraped Tony Romo. Thanks to what I think was inept coaching (really? Trent Edwards throwing on third down when you are up by 11? Just run the fucking ball!) we of course lost the game due to a 53 yard field goal. Like there was any ever doubt the Bills would blow it.

First off: Fuck Dick Jauron. Fuck him in the ear. He sucks and looks like death. Take your Yale degree and go coach pee wee football. That is about what you are worth. Second: If I ever have to see Jerry Jones jumping up and down in Ralph Wilson Stadium again, I might jump out a window. Third: Tony Romo is a dick. Seriously, his post game comment about "great qbs" overcoming adversity was utter crap. Stop listening to ESPN slurp on your balls. You aren't that good.

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RC said...

Romo is kind of douchey, but he doesn't suck all that bad as of today (unfortunately) . . . he's currently ranked #5 by footballoutsiders.com in DPAR (although he's #8 in DVOA), ahead of Palmer, Garcia, et al (but behind Garrard - he JUST. WINS. GAMES.).

Obv these are driven up by the fluffpop schedule (easiest in the league so far). Fuck the Cowboys.