Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Coming to you live from New England's Rising Star...

So, a couple of quick notes:

- For the first time, yesterday, I was a caller on a sports talk radio show. When I got to campus for class last night, they were talking about parity in baseball on "The Back Page with Jason Page," a local show on ESPNRadio. Now, the discussion wasn't Cowherd-esque (saying loud incorrect things with no basis), but he did make a pair of bad points:

1) Only 2-3 teams have a reasonable shot at the World Series; and
2) The Giants are in trouble because of a lack of finances.

I felt the urge to call in because both of those statements are ridiculous; there are more than a handful of teams with a shot at the World Series, and the Giants are in trouble because Brian Sabean gives over-the-hill veterans long expensive contracts. I was all ready to debate him to the death on those topics, then remembered that I'd get 90 seconds of air time, tops. Basically, I tried to say as much on the air; to Page's credit, he let me talk for a while before loudly interrupting me. However, my phone freaked out as he was going through every major league team and asking me if they had a shot at a title. Overall, not a bad experience, and hopefully I didn't sound like an idiot to the 15 people listening throughout Connecticut.

- I'm excited because it looks like I'll be going to a New Britain Rock Cats/Trenton Thunder game in May. The Rock Cats are the AA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, and previously the New Britain franchise was the Red Sox affiliate. As a result, I've gotten to see Jeff Bagwell, Mo Vaughn, David Ortiz, Doug "Long last name I can't spell," Tori Hunter, Bam Bam Meulens, and a whole host of other big leaguers play in the minors. This year will be fun because the Thunder outfield should include both Jose Tabata and Austin Jackson, possibly 2/3 of the future Yankees outfield. I'm enough of a baseball dork that this will be one of the highlights of my summer. Feel free to mock me


RC said...

Only three teams have a shot at the World Series?

NYY, BOS, CLE, DET, ANA, NYM, CHC, PHI, LAD, SD and ARI would all like to figure out which 8 don't make the cut - could have saved a TON of money.

And that's without considering the Rockies, who were definitely the best NL team last year (Pythag etc.).

Sports talk radio puts me on immediate life-tilt, even just hearing about it. Ugh.

cseguin said...

Yeah, I had to call in after he made that comment; I was expecting to be cut off, but he let me go until I talked about how the Brewers are developing a good group of hitters. He just couldn't understand where I could get that idea.