Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NCAA Tourney Starts Tomorrow

Yeah, so the tournament starts tomorrow and everyone you know has suddenly started asking your opinion on BYU (my thoughts? Mormons are dead inside). Personally, I know less than nothing about college basketball. My bracket is usually just random tidbits I pulled from other sites and my own stupid thoughts such as:

-I picked St. Joes and St. Marys to upset because Easter is this weekend and Jesus has a lot running on this shit.

-I picked Duke to lose to Arizona because....well..Fuck Duke in the ear.

- I picked Xaiver to go to the Elite Eight because X's are cool man, just ask Bender.

- Finally, I picked UCLA to win it all because..... I start drinking at work early? I really have no answer. Call it random idiocy.

So there you have it, I'm no better than that annoying secretary in your office. I think RC is going to be live blogging tomorrow with a little more insight than I can provide. I will be watching from my office and yelling nonsensical gibberish at the screen about missing free throws.

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cseguin said...

In a couple of my brackets, I used the "middle-aged woman in the office who knows nothing about college basketball" tactic, and picked 99% higher seeds. We shall see if this works