Sunday, May 20, 2007

Note to NBC: You Suck Horribly

It seems two hours of pregame is what is needed for a horse race that no one really cares about. The only people who should care about The Preakness are the drunk people at the race. They probably don't even have any idea there is actually a race going on.

So, NBC why do you switch away from a tied NHL playoff game going into overtime to show two twats talking about horses? I know they showed the rest of the game on Vs., but it took about 10 minutes for Vs. to switch away from monkey bowling or whatever the fuck they were showing. Is this really what is has come to for hockey? A possible series clinching game is going into overtime and the network switches to a marginal event at best? I don't know about anyone else but that makes me incredible sad. I mean the NHL these past few years after the lockout has been extremely exciting and enjoyable (more so then let's say the NBA) and the networks are screwing it over.

Maybe I am just projecting because the Sabres lost and now I have to root for the Ducks. Really? God I hate Canada.

In review:

1.) Canada is full of jacktards.

2.) NBC should be firebombed.

3.) People who care about horse racing don't exist.

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