Monday, May 7, 2007

Rangers/Sabres: Live

So amazingly I got a call at 10am on Sunday morning asking if I wanted to go to the Sabres/Rangers Game 6. Uh yes I think I would quite enjoy that.

So I slipped on my new Sabres shirt (with the unfortunate buffaslug, seeing as I couldn't find anything with the old school design) and headed to the shitshow that is MSG. I found something out wearing a Sabres shirt in the city: Buffalo people are really friendly. I don't really remember them being that friendly when I lived there. Maybe it was the four years in Boston followed by the four years here in Hell, err NYC, that caused me to be wary of anyone smiling and take that as a sign they want to eat my spleen. Anyways, I talked to more strangers than I have in awhile and went into the game feeling good (with my spleen intact, I think).

Once inside that went away quickly since Rangers fans are bitter new yorkers with a chip on their shoulders. The guy behind me keep yapping about how the Rangers should have won the two games they lost and how the refs are giving the series to the Sabres. Ok fella, sure.

When the game started, I really could notice how crazy the playoffs could get. The energy in the place was awesome, like the soup Nazi was giving away free soup or something. The first period scared the crap out of me though. The Sabres had outplayed the Rangers but were down 1-0. They had to turn it up and take the crowd out of the equation.

Apparently Lindy can read my thoughts (he might be a warlock), and the Sabres came out and had an offensive explosion all over Lundquist's face. That really took the crowd out of it. Except for the fact that the Ranger's seemed to score on every power play, the rest of the game was just as exciting and I finally got to see one of my teams clench a series before my very eyes. I left after I bowed to Chris Drury (he is some sort of god) and to jeers of "Go Ottawa" from the guy behind me.

All in all, a satisfying experience. Bring on Ottawa and their slightly insane goalie.

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Mike K said...

You lucky SOB. There is nothing better than rubbing it in the face of the home team if you clinch on foreign ice. It would be good for hockey if the Rangers advanced but it's good for me if the Sabres win. Now they get to play Mr. Vehicular Manslaughter and his band of headhunters. Buffalo in 7