Saturday, May 26, 2007

What will become of Zombie Pavano?

So it appears that the Carl Pavano is going to have Tommy John surgery and the Yankees are going to let him loose. Really just so sad.

Congrats Carl on making 39 million dollars for a little less than 20 starts. Seriously, I hate the Yankees but they should really ask for their money back. How much did they get screwed? Not only was he pretty much the most useless player on their roster for three years (although last year it might have been the dessicated corpse of Bernie Williams), he got into trouble off the field with the whole car crash fiasco.

Good thing he has Gia above to comfort him. Wait no, no he doesn't. Let's all stop a moment and laugh at Carl and the Yankees. It will make everyone feel a little better.
Oh, and if you don't get the Zombie Pavano thing, go read The Dugout. Seriously, it might be the best site on the interwebs.

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