Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Sport of Kings: Kickball

So tomorrow me and about ten out of shape kinda lazy people take to a field on the Lower East Side to compete in a test of wits and agility. Yes, we are going to play kickball.

This all started a couple weeks ago when a friend of mine called me up to ask if I would like to participate in a co-ed (beer?) league that plays kickball every Friday night. How can one say no? I think this is the same league that also plays dodge ball, which I think would be better suited for. I'm actually kinda nervous for tomorrow.

You see I am the most nonathletic human being alive. I'm pretty sure Mike can vouch for my high school P.E. days (huzzah awkward volleyball!) and I know that Collin and RC can vouch for college where I went out of my way to not do any physical activity. I was the second laziest person alive, the number one was my old roommate who smoked himself retarded and dropped out of college.

So you can see my problem. I'm hoping that the game is as easy as I remember. Someone reminded me that everyone is good at kickball. Apparently they have never seen me involved in physical activity. Either way, I will keep track of our progress here. Tomorrow Team Drop Kick (I wanted to be Jim Thome's Crushed Rib Cage but nooooooo) will take on Team Cubbyhole which I'm pretty sure is a reference to the lesbian bar in the village. Enjoy your death trap ladies!


cseguin said...

I can certainly attest to this; Warren Towers 7B basketball games, Kappa Sig football/softball/floor managed to avoid them all.

Mike K said...

Volleyball was awkard but you were better than Jason Marsherall. What's with the trend of sports you played in 3rd grade making a comeback? Is this a symptom of some weird conservative plot that has people pining for simpler days or are the young people of today longing for a childhood they never really had.