Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's not your fault

"If you didn't have adult onset diabetes, I wouldn't mind giving you a little sugar." - GOB

Once again scientists have found a reason why you are an unhealthy pig. But guess what, It's not your fault! According to a new study, researchers have identified at least 8 genes that are linked to type 2 diabetes, aka adult onset diabetes. I'm no gene wizard but I am going to have to take a guess that these genes are probably deep fried and made by Hostess. Diabetes is a problem for some from birth but for others it is mostly a product of lifestyle choices. Some people accept their panda bear shape, others choose to blame a number of suspects. Target 1.) The TV made me eat. The television never made anyone do anything. If you aren't smart enough to realize that the purpose of commercials is to make you buy things, than you are seriously misinformed about how the American economic system functions. People are paid large dollar amounts to make products appear appealing (eg Crystal Pepsi). If you didn't watch as much TV in the first place you may not be as chunky 2.) The media makes me ashamed of my body so I get depressed and eat. This is more of an issue with women but an increasing number of men are being found to have eating disorders as well. Bulimia and anorexia are the eating disorders that get most of the press but overeating is more of a problem. People should be ashamed of being fat. There are people starving in other countries that don't eat in one week what some people inhale in one sitting. It's an animal instinct to eat but guess what, we are not animals, we are people. People know when to say,"That's enough food for now". Animals wait in line at the Old Country Buffet like heffers being led out to graze and think "yea, that extra piece of fried chicken IS a good idea."
The bottom line is people want an easy solution to their problems and if there is no solution they want to be able to blame someone else or something they have no control over. The only proven way to lose weight is to decrease calorie input and increase calorie usage. This means exercise and not eating that bag of oreo's in one evening. At one time I would laugh if some fat person was breathing hard after climbing a flight of stairs. Now it's just incredibly sad, like a dog with peanut butter stuck to the roof of its mouth. Guess what Porky, it's not your genes or your perception of the media. It's your own damn fault.

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