Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sabres/Islanders Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Game 1 in the Sabres/Islanders series.

The Sabres are heavily favored, mostly because I think I am scheduled to be in goal for the Islanders.

That scares me. But then again, everything about any sort of playoffs scares me when it comes to Buffalo. Thanks scarring memories!

I went messing around on the NBC Hockey website (I think I am their first hit), mostly because I heard that Don Cherry is going to be a commentator during the playoffs. Which is awesome. If you aren't Canadian or didn't live obscenely close to the Canadian border, Don Cherry is the long time commentator on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. Plus he has awesome taste in suits as can be seen above. He is just as stupid as American commentators but he hates French Canadians, so that is a plus in my book.

So, while searching around on NBC's site I found the following:

Some sort of blog by the "Bellowing Moose". Holy sweet christ. I had flashes of Scooter and passed out. I hope they don't animate this thing for the playoffs. I might stab everyone.

PS I found out that in the 70s NBC had Peter the Puck. So it seems stupidity isn't a new thing for the guys over at NBC.

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Mike K said...

FYI, This is not Cherry's first appearance in the US. Don Cherry had previously appeared on a Penguins broadcast in the late 80's early 90's but was not asked back after referring to Jaromir Jagr as Mario Lemieux's little sister.