Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Review

Good weekend for me as a sports fan. Sabres won their series over the crybaby Islanders, Red Sox are on the verge of a sweep of the Yankees at Fenway (behind an awesome blown save by Mariano on Friday), and the Suns won the first game of their series against the Lakers.

The best part is I believe I might now have a chance to see a Sabres playoff game in person. Since NJ beat Tampa Bay today I think that the Sabres are going to play the Rangers next round. This pretty sweet, as I have never been to a playoff game for any of my teams.

I've been to playoff hockey games, but never for the team I root for. From what I hear, there is nothing better than postseason hockey games in person when you have a rooting interest in one of the teams. Now begins the process of getting tickets. Hopefully that guy at work still has a connection.

Meanwhile my fantasy baseball team is getting raped by Collin's. I'm losing 10-0. Yes, 10-0. I blame Miguel Cabrera for this, but don't tell him...he practices voodoo. Apparently everyone on my team has decided to stop hitting besides P0lanco (who is quietly having an awesome season so far). Thanks guys. Oh and fuck you Coco Crisp.

So, tonight: Scrub vs. Dice-K at Fenway. Possible sweep. Let's hope that the lineup remembers to score runs. Dice-K is starting to be like a Japanese Clemens minus the asshole tendencies and possible steroids.

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