Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sabres/Islanders: Game 2 Tonight

So, I was forced to watch Game 1 at the shittest bar in New York City. I kid you not. Who knew that Time Warner doesn't carry TSN (whatever the fuck that is)?

I learned that Islanders fans aren't that bright. Seems a group of them were up by the bar and kept asking me if I tipped cows because I was from upstate New York. Uh, kid hate to break it to you but parts of Long Island are a lot more farm-like than parts of western New York. Then they disappeared and after the game continued to talk shit even though their team lost. What kind of heckle is "enjoy a mediocre life"? Uh, thanks I think.

But I digress. The game was pretty much what I expected. The Sabres were a little slow out of the gate but picked things up. Drury and Campbell both had two goals. Turns out that Chris Drury's poop is currency in Argentina. True story. I love the guy, probably because he played for BU and hit a game winning home run in the Little League World Series. Rocking.

Game 2 is tonight, and supposedly DiPietro is in goal (another BU player) for the Islanders. So we will see if that gives them a little bit of jolt. I hope not.

Hey, in other news the Rangers won again. What is this crap? The Rangers winning in the post season. Come on Atlanta.

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