Friday, April 20, 2007

Some thoughts on the world of sports (and even something about the law)

- While the release of information that three coveted NFL prospects admitted using marijuana does bring up questions about their draft position (especially in the wake of the NFL's new scorched earth policy with regard to conduct), it should bring up another, potentially more serious question. If prospects are afraid that their interview responses will be leaked to the media, are they going to want to be open and honest? Will they begin to conceal more information, knowing that anything negative could find its way into a newspaper or magazine? This could bring up issues in future combines.

- While everyone wants to talk about Kevin Durant and Greg Oden in the draft (including myself in my last post), the most interesting figure may be Mike Conley. This is a draft with no true point guards (Acie Law doesn't count), so if Conley decides to stay in the draft, he automatically becomes a very high pick, at least in the lottery. As the NBA abandons the hack-and-check mentality of the 90's and embraces a more wide-open game, a good point guard is becoming more and more of a necessity. Conley may have picked the perfect year to come out, and his one year in college could turn into quite a windfall.

- In a recent Supreme Court case concerning a ban on late-term abortions, Justice Kennedy wrote what some would call a surprising opinion, coming down strongly on the side of banning such procedures. After the recent changes to the Court, it was discussed that Kennedy would become the crucial swing vote, filling the post left by Justice O'Connor. That prediction seems to be coming to light, although Kennedy has come down on the conservative side of social issues previously, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise.

- Two game winning home runs, 10 home runs in the first 14 games, standing ovations at Yankee Stadium...if A-Rod keeps this up, the NY sportswriters may just go into convulsions.

- I'd also like to add that if Alec Baldwin did his Glengarry scene in Ford commercials I would buy one...or several...right now.

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