Friday, April 27, 2007

Yankees/Red Sox: Live

To quote Eric Cartman: "Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! Yummy!"

I know it is April, but to see the soul crushing sadness in the eyes of all Yankee fans at that game was pretty awesome. I'm going to sleep well tonight.

In other news, this was my first time seeing Dice-K live. Really weird wind up to see, with the slow motion in the middle of it. I can see how it could throw hitters off. However, Dice-K is alone to blame for the four runs. He didn't even make the Yankees work for it. Out of all those pitches he has, he should really only throw about three of them. Plus, what the hell does Varitek say to him on the mound? That must be a fun convo.

I don't know what Manny's problem is. I hope no one told him that people are actually watching these games. Geez, .198 for April? Get that guy some breast milk.

In closing I give you this:

Mariano Rivera has a 12.15 ERA. It warms the cockles of the heart, doesn't it?

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