Friday, April 6, 2007

Random Spurts and Such

- You’ve probably heard that Bob Huggins has left Kansas State for the greener pastures of West Virginia. In fact, if I’m saying “greener pastures” and “West Virginia,” I should probably make some sort of cow joke, but I digress…I’m just hoping that the guys who are so wound up about players leaving college early are going to be getting on Huggins’ case this time around. He was kicked out by Cincy, with his reputation in the gutter, and K-State showed up with a good job for good money. I don’t begrudge anyone following their hearts/minds/money, but if we’re going to criticize early entrants into the draft, we should be doing the same to guys like Huggins.

- The debate is going to rage on no matter what, but I don’t think you can pass up Greg Oden, even for a talent like Kevin Durant. Durant’s skills are unquestioned, as are the results; averaging over 25 points and 11 rebounds per game, including some impressive games against the likes of Texas A&M, USC, Gonzaga, and other strong competition. However, I don’t think you can pass up a true center like Oden, especially one as skilled as Oden. His performance in the Florida game (notwithstanding Thad Matta not giving him a rest) just confirmed things. Centers who are his size, with his skills, don’t come around too often, and are one of the rarest qualities in the NBA these days. Durant can play, but there are more and more guys who can play the 3 or 4 spots like him. The team with the top pick should make the leap, take the big man, and go from there.

- The Dice-K era began in Boston with a bang, and while Sox fans shouldn’t expect 10 K’s every time out, it should be remembered that this guy is GOOD. Everyone, from Baseball Prospectus to ESPN to the grouchy old baseball writers are high on him. Are we looking at the next Pedro or Rocket? Probably not, but we’re looking at a top tier starter, and that in itself should be good enough for Sox fans.

- If you had told me three years ago I would pick Jose Reyes with my top pick in my fantasy draft, that I would get multiple trade offers for him, and that I would reject them all, I don’t think I would have believed you.

- Just a heads up to anyone who is thinking of going to law school; don’t be that guy/girl who raises their hand on every question. Also, don’t be that guy/girl who criticizes everyone else’s viewpoints. Remember, these are the people who you will be practicing with and against when you get out of school. Best not to have people hating you at the end of first year.

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