Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I can't say I keep up with the latest movie and cd releases. I see the previews, I read the reviews but when it comes to laying the granola down for some crunchy movies or tunes, you can count me out. I pretty much hear things or see things 3-5 months after they have been released. Thanks to the library that purchases these items, I can enjoy the cutting edge of music and cinema on a delay. Take Boys and Girls in America by the Hold Steady. I had heard about these guys and read the praise, "Best bar band in America". Well I enjoy a good bar and I enjoy music too. This has to be worth a listen. Guess what, it was. Something about their sound echoes Bruce Springsteen, except there is definitely more illicit substances being consumed.
I am reminded of a skit, it was SNL I believe, where the guy was in social situations and would say the wittiest thing but only in the context of what was said 10 minutes ago. Ultimately, he finds a time machine, repeats what he said and gets laid. When I find my my time machine, I will be hip and on top of all that is current in music. Or I may just go back in time to shove Jesus. It's alright though, it's through the sheet!

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Mitch Kayak said...

Good choice. That CD is awesome.

I'm going to drop the bomb on Japan, through a sheet!