Monday, April 2, 2007

Opening Day

Today was Opening Day. I'm glad that baseball is back, it means summer is around the corner and I can drink outside and/or take a nap in the park while there are scantily clad women wandering around. All good things.

What wasn't good was the Red Sox opener. I'm glad I couldn't watch. We lost to the Royals and Gil Meche. I will repeat that because it bears repeating: We lost to the Royals and Gil Fucking Meche. Normally I wouldn't care, one game doesn't really matter, but this was unnerving. Schilling got run out in the fourth, and that was that. We lost 7-1.


In other news, the Yankees won behind Carl Pavano. He made it through a start! Congrats.

Meanwhile on my fantasy team, my starting pitching is getting assraped. Derek Lowe's divorce gave up 6 runs on eight hits while Jose Contreras dropped a lovely 63.00 ERA. Hot pot of coffee. At least Miguel Cabrera had a good day to add to Lo Duca's game last night.

Ah baseball is back and it is time for neurotically checking scores and agonizing over the Sox. Spring really is in the air.

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