Friday, March 16, 2007

The Answer is Naggers

So, yeah, below in that wonderful trip down drunken lane is my buddy RC, who joins us all the way from beautiful Des Moines, Iowa. I'm pretty sure him and his friends are either passed out in his apartment or in a bar in downtown Des Moines (exciting).

Anyways, RC knows more about college basketball than I do so he went ahead and did a Simmonsesque blog of today's events while I was wondering why they let Texas A&M's community college play in the tourney. Yeah, I'm bright. All I really know is that Duke is bad and Dickie V. loves Hooters.

I'm sure RC will be really helpful in breaking down all sorts of baseball tidbits not to mention anything else he might stumble across (up to and including civil war references, don't ask).

Before he comes back and calls me Amaechi for being in on Friday, the weather sucks and I have serious drinking to do tomorrow.

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