Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pavano Sued

Apparently the guy that Carl Pavano hit last year in the accident he tried to hide from the Yankees is suing him. The guy is asking for 5 million dollars if Pavano and the Yankees don't respond to his lawsuit.

Jeez, Carl and the Yanks just can't catch a break huh? You pay a guy almost 40 million dollars and he hasn't pitched since 2005 due to amazingly hilarious injuries including a injured buttocks. Now he has to time off to deal with the guy he hurt while speeding about town in a Porsche (according to Pavano he took time off to spend with his "sick" gf). The Yankees would have been better off giving 20 million dollars to Jaret Wright. Oops, they did that already.

Although I will give it to them this year, they stayed away from giving gobs of money to old broken pitchers (unless you count the Rocket's butt buddy) or unproven guys who had one good season. They actually picked up some prospects and let the Red Sox overspend on the unproven media hype (errr, crap).

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