Monday, March 12, 2007

Movie Review: 300

All I can say is, damn they killed a ton of people. I don't think I have ever seen so many limbs chopped off in slow motion. I think the pinnacle of the loss of body parts was when a giant monster gets his head cut off, in what else, slow motion.

Don't get me, slow motion camera work is great. It works to create tension and is a great dramatic effect. However, it is not that great when you use it probably about 4 billion times in one movie. It tends to cause scenes to blend together.

Now, I didn't exactly hate this movie. I do like Frank Miller (Sin City is amazing). It is quite beautiful to look at, especially the gratuitous breast shots. Hey, they even have some man ass for the ladies out there.

However, this movie is extremely repetitive and doesn't really seem to have any sort of underlying point. The dialogue is laughable, and not in the fun way like Sin City. King Leonidas has some good lines, but nothing exactly memorable. Plot devices used to move the "story" ahead are amazingly moronic (why would you carry your bribe around with you when it could easily give away what was going on?). Also, why was Xerxes a seven foot tall gay indian man who was seemingly into S&M?

I wish I knew more about the Battle of Thermopylae so I could seem smart when dissecting this movie. In the end I think I would give it two stars, mostly for the tits and the early cool slow motion scenes before they killed it.

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