Friday, March 23, 2007

David Carr: Sacked one last time in Houston

The Houston Texans let David Carr go after signing Stump the Schwab err Matt Schaub, the quarterback from Atlanta that doesn't have weed or herpes (as far as we know).

I feel bad for the guy. From what I can see, he was a serviceable quarterback with a pretty good arm and completion percentage who got ruined thanks to the lack of an O-line for a number of years in the joyus shitstain that is Houston. This really shows how stupid the Texans are, they probably could have gotten something for the guy but they just dumped him.

Actually I would rather have him than the fun house that is J.P. Losman. However, I speak as jaded Bills fan who rarely gets to see games thanks to living in NYC. At this point I would bring back O.J., cause come on, murderers are funny and all the games would be nationally televised. I think we could convince Marv this is a good idea. Then again I could convince Marv that I am Jim Kelly's dead autistic son, and he would believe it. Too far?

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