Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stephen Colbert: More Dangerous than Bears and the Gays?

So apparently the chair of the Democratic Caucus, Rep. Rham Emanuel (D-Ill.) thinks that all freshman congressman should steer clear of Stephen Colbert. Mostly because of his "Better Know A District" where he pokes a little fun at their expense during his interviews. Like where he gets Rep. Zach Space to say he is a Republican.

Hey Rham, Rev. Fred Phelps agrees with you! You know Fred Phelps who hangs out with the "God Hates Fags" folks as they protest military funerals saying the soilders are dead because America is full of "fag lovers". You can watch Fred warn us about dangerous comedians here: Don't watch to long, it will make your brain hurt.

Come on Rham, you don't really want to hang out with Fred. Who cares if Colbert pokes a little fun at the representatives, at least they appear a little human and maybe if they aren't complete morons they might even show they have a sense of humor. Plus, that is probably more exposure than they get usually.

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