Friday, March 16, 2007

The category is "People who annoy you"


OK . . . yeah, Brent is falling off the fucking wagon, which is totally rad. I figure it's only going to get worse, so misewell start a new entry for it. Why not? This was the last conversation:

Brent: "Illinois should not be in the tournament . . . know what I mean? Verne?"
RC: "Was than an Ernest P. Worrell reference? Fuck"
Brent: "Did you know Jim Varney is dead? Yeah - he died. He was amazing - I saw his last movie, it was Ernest in the Army. It came out in 98 - he saved the world by fighting terrorists. In 98 - seriously. Jim Varney was ahead of his time."


Brent: "Know how Jim Varney died? He died of a broken heart."

Uh wow. Picks: Illinois w/ the points, and that's about it until the late games . . . Purdue/Arizona is disgusting. Just a terrible game.

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