Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bills Trade McGahee

Apparently the Bills have traded McGahee for three draft picks from the Ravens and some Ensure for Marv Levy. McGahee supposedly hasn't been training up in the OP and has told the media (if Penthouse counts as the media, I say hell yes) that the Bills should be moved to Toronto (he said that this was taken out of context).

Yeah Willis, don't mention Toronto for any reason when speaking about sports in Buffalo. I'm surprised that the fans didn't try replay your horrifying knee rape from college. Enjoy Baltimore and enjoy syphilis.

So where does that leave the Bills? Corey Dillon and Dominic Rhodes have been mentioned as possibilities. How old is Corey nowadays? 43? His best days were when he was using minor fender benders as an excuse to miss games. I like Rhodes though, especially since he likes to piss himself after getting pulled over for drunk driving. It's so warm at first, I can understand the desire. Plus, toilets are for suckers.

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