Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lost Recap: The Man from Tallahassee

I think the writers and I are on the same page. John Locke has not made the right decision on anything in his life. The man is a walking disaster. This was highlighted beautifully last night when he was JACKED UP by his con artist pseudo dad. Awesome. Guess that proves you should never turn your back on elderly men. They can hip check you through windows. It really took them three seasons to decide how Locke ended up in a wheelchair? This is what they came up with? Really?

Basically we learned the following from this episode:

1.) John Locke is a moron. We already knew that, but it helped to get even more evidence of this. Dude, blowing up subs isn't cool. Unless of course you are Jack Ryan and you are doing it to mask the defection of the Red October. So, John Locke you are no Jack Ryan.

2.) Ben is evil and manipulative. Duh. Also something we already knew, but it was pretty sweet how he got Locke to do his bidding.

3.) There is an awesome magic box on the island that gives you whatever you want. I need access to said box. If I was in front of it, I am guessing Elisha Cuthbert would pop out naked with buffalo wings and labatt. And uh, that would rock obviously.

4.) Alex might be hot. I can't decide. Sometimes she is and sometimes she isn't. I need more evidence.

5.) The following people should die painfully: Locke, Charlie, and the annoying spanish dude (one of the random survivors that recently popped up that will probably die soon like the random crew members on Star Trek).

All in all I liked this episode, we finally got the answer to why Locke was a cripple and we learned about a super sweet magic box. Hehe, box. Yes I am 12.

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