Thursday, March 8, 2007

Oooh Another Crappy Blog

I know what you are thinking, here is another blog by some idiot espousing his views on the number of napkins given out at Subway or the sexual innuendo of Wendy's marketing campaign (both real posts on other blogs), why should I read this drivel? I wish I had a good excuse for you to waste your time. Mostly my mission here is to add my snarky views to the mix of the interwebs and hopefully get some of my friends to join into the fray.

Why don't I start with a little about myself: I sleep in my oven and burn satantic symbols into my pets. I am a fan of the following teams: Red Sox, Bills, Sabres, and BU Hockey. I live in NYC and work in finance (there will be no posts about models and bottles or striped shirts). I attended the prestigious Boston University and majored in stupidity and alcohol posioning. On the TV front I love the following shows: House, 24, Lost, Arrested Development, The State, Kids in the Hall (thus the name), Scrubs, Family Guy, old SNL, and 80's sitcoms. When it comes to politics I voted for the Giant Douche over the Turd Sandwhich, and I have a general distrust of anyone who claims they are a christian convservative or loves Noam Chomsky. I have an encyclopedic memory when it comes to movies and I tend to think Nicolas Cage should be shot in the face. On the music front I listen to anything and everything except pop country (think rascal flatts).

So there you have it. A little masturbatory introduction to my odd little world. I should also mention my grammar is terrible, so deal with it. I never learned to read good. So lets get milk faced and hum like rabbits.

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